Golight Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy


Effective Immediately

Golight, Inc. (“Golight”) has unilaterally implemented an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy.

This Policy covers Golight’s entire product line in order to preserve its reputation for providing customers with high-value products and strong after-sales customer support and to further enhance Golight’s brand image. Each internet minimum advertised price (“IMAP”) is identified on the MAP Price List.

Although each Reseller remains free to establish its own resale prices, this Policy is violated when a Reseller advertises a Golight product on the internet for less than its IMAP. Internet advertising, to which this Policy applies, includes without limitation: websites, shopping sites, banner ads, broadcast emails, destination pages, third-party sites, sponsored ads, web store listings, auction sites and marketplace site searches/feeds. For purposes of this Policy, “Reseller” means each individual or entity located in the United States of America that promotes and sells or either thereof any or all products offered by Golight to end user purchasers.

When applied to websites, this Policy applies to prices offered to end user purchasers outside the-cart (or other container) and in-the-cart (or other container), but not at checkout.

This Policy also is violated when, in connection with the offering of any or all Golight products, a strike through of any price appears (whether an IMAP or otherwise), regardless whether one or more other prices is or are shown;

Violation of this Policy will result in such things as the following: (1) the loss of direct or indirect access to some or all Golight products for a defined or indefinite period or (2) the termination of the Reseller’s relationship with Golight.

Golight reserves the right to modify or suspend this Policy in whole or in part any time after notice is provided or made available from Golight. A third party may be engaged to assist Golight in monitoring of advertised prices and enforcing this, Policy.

The terms of this Policy are confidential and should not be transmitted or disclosed to others. All questions, comments and complaints regarding this Policy should be directed to Golight’s policy administrator at