The Golight GT Series builds on the Golight/Radioray product line. It features enhanced durability, more precise pan/tilt control, and an updated exterior design.


The Stryker ST builds on the original Stryker product line. It features new wireless-only remote technology that includes an on-command home position.



The Stryker-Hardwired light is from our original Stryker product line. It is only available as a permanent mount light with a hardwired joystick dash remote.



Whether you are navigating open-water or a narrow channel let our Gobee be your guide. This stanchion-mount spotlight will increase the safety of your travels.



The GXL LED Xtreme Lighting Performance Series offers extremely durable and incredibly intense fixed mount lighting. Backed by a 10-Year Warranty.




This is where it all started! Our original Golight/Radioray light series includes a brilliantly designed line of wireless or hardwired remote control spotlights.



The Stryker product line is perfect for anyone seeking Golight’s innovative remote technology with a few upgraded features from the original Golight/Radioray series.



Where can I buy a light?

Please contact Golight, Inc. for a Distributor in your area 800.557.0098. We do not sell lights direct, but we do sell Accessories and Parts on our website.

How much do the lights cost?

Golight does not sell direct. However, we listed the “Average Retail Price” on our product pages to give you a general idea of what a new light will cost you.

What is the difference between Golight/Radioray and Golight GT?

Golight, Inc. introduced upgraded versions of the original Golight/Radioray products in August of 2019. The upgraded product line is called the Golight GT Series. It can be identified by the (GT) at the end of the part number or by the word “Golight” imprinted on the back of the top housing. (See below for new GT Series features.)

    New Features of the Golight GT Series
    • Updated exterior housing design
    • Higher torque drivetrain and more precise pan/tilt control
    • Increased Ingress protection from dust/water (IP56)
    • Permanent mount models boast a robust 14 gauge stainless steel mounting bracket
    • Portable magnetic models have 2X magnetic grip
    • Enhanced resistance levels associated with shock, vibration, and impact
    • Part #2020/2021 will have a new wiring harness with an industry-standard AMP 6-pin connector.
    • No Suction cup – While our portable units will still have a magnetic shoe, there will no longer be a suction cup on the base of the light.
    • No flood lens option for GT Halogen units.
    What is the difference between Stryker and Stryker ST?

    Golight launched new product upgrades for all Stryker products that operate with a wireless remote control in August of 2019. The upgraded product line is called the Stryker ST Series. It can be identified by the (ST) at the end of the part number or by the word “Stryker” imprinted on the back of the top housing. (See below for new ST Series features.) 

    New Series Features of the Stryker ST Series
    • A new wireless remote control that has a multiple unit selector button for control of 2 or more units with 1 remote
    • On-command 0° home position function
    • New wireless technology that allows simultaneous pan + tilt and also multiple users can operate lights in close proximity without interference
    • Smart programming feature that is quick and simple without dipswitches
    • Current Stryker units with a hardwired dash mount remote will remain the same with no upgraded features until further notice
    • No Wireless dash mount remote (The 30200 will not be compatible with the Stryker ST Series.)

    Please note: The 30100 will not work with the new Stryker ST products.

    Are the wireless remote controls interchangeable?
    No. Part# 30300 (ST wireless handheld remote) will only operate a Stryker ST unit with wireless capabilities, and Part# 20100 (Gobee wireless handheld remote) will only operate a Gobee unit. Part#’s 30100 (wireless handheld remote) and 30200 (wireless dash mount remote) will work with all other current models.
    Can I upgrade my halogen remote control spotlight to an LED?

    Yes. Our Halogen remote control spotlights can be retrofitted to an LED. Golight/Radioray and Golight GT Series require part# 15444, and Stryker/Stryker ST Series require part# 15433. Call 308.278.3131 or 800.557.0098 with any questions. **Please note, if your light is over 15 years old call our Customer Service Department before you order an insert.**

    What is Cr5PentaBeam?
    Cr5 PentaBeam refers to Golight’s patented reflector beam pattern.
    What is the range of the wireless remote?
    The wireless transmitter will operate the light up to 80’ away.
    What is the warranty on my light?

    Golight GT Series 3-year Limited Warranty

    Stryker ST Series 5-Year Limited Warranty

    Stryker Series 5-Year Limited Warranty

    Gobee 1-Year Limited Warranty

    GXL Performance Series 10-Year Limited Warranty

    GXL Worklight 5-Year Limited Warranty

    GXL Off-Road 5-Year Limited Warranty

    What is Candela?

    For the first time in the spotlight industry, there is an official standard of measurement in effect for accurate comparisons of spotlight performance.  New standards for spotlight performance measurement are now in place and accredited by the American National Standards Institute. New Peak Beam Intensity is now measured in Candela:

    Golight GT Halogen 225,000 Candela

    Golight GT LED 544,000 Candela

    Stryker ST Halogen 225,000 Candela

    Stryker ST LED 544,000 Candela

    Gobee 80,000 Candela

    GXL Performance 215,000 Candela

    GXL Worklight 55,000 Candela

    GXL Off-Road 130,000 Candela


    Can I keep the magnetically mounted light on my vehicle while on the highway?

    No. Our magnetic mount lights must be removed from the exterior of the vehicle while traveling at excessive speeds and in strong wind conditions.

    What are the available remote control options?

    Wireless Handheld, Wireless Dash Mount or Hardwired Dash Mount

    How long is the power cord on your portable remote control spotlights?

    Portable units have a 15’ power cord with a universal cigarette plug

    Can I get a light in 24V?

    Most models can be customized to 24V.  The GXL can run on 9-32V.  Call for availability 800.557.0098

    What is the Amp draw of my light?

    Golight GT Halogen – 5.5 Amps at 13.8V

    Golight GT LED – 3.7 Amps at 13.8V

    Stryker ST Halogen – 5.5 Amps at 13.8V

    Stryker ST LED – 3.7 Amps at 13.8V

    Gobee Halogen – 5 Amps at 13.8V (Minimun 7 Amp Fuse is required) 

    GXL Performance –  Spot/6 Amps at 13.8V – Flood/5 Amps at 13.8V

    GXL Worklight – Spot & Flood/4.2 Amps at 13.8V


    Are parts available for my light?

    Yes. Parts are available for most models.  You can order them from our storefront located under the “Accessories and Parts” tab or call us at 800.557.0098

    Can I purchase parts and accessories direct from Golight?

    Yes. Our storefront is located under the tab “Accessories and Parts” on our home page or you can call us at 800.557.0098.

    Where do I send my light for repair?

    Before sending your light in for repair, you must call for a Return Authorization Number (800-557-0098). Once you are issued an RGA, make sure to write it on the outside of the box. Ship the light (with remote) to the address below:

    Golight, Inc. 

    Attn: Repairs / RGA#_____

    37146 Old Hwy 17

    Culbertson NE 69024