reseller policy announcement



April 2023

Re: Golight, Inc.  Internet Reseller Policy Announcement

Golight, Inc. (“Golight”) is committed to selling our products through authorized internet dealers and partners who support our premium products.  As the market demands online storefronts be available to the consumer, we at Golight want to partner with and reward the internet resellers that best represent our brands online.

We are making a considerable effort to reduce counterfeit goods, inaccurate product information, and discounted products online.

What are the benefits?

  • Promote fair competition across all distribution channels
  • Accurate product information
  • Maintain brand identity and value


Review and comply with the Authorized Internet Reseller Policy – RESELLER POLICY

If you distribute to resellers, it is your responsibility to educate your downline retailers. All downline retailers must have written permission from Golight to sell on any internet third-party marketplaces. As a distributor, you will be held responsible for the actions of your retailers. This includes products being sold outside of Territory and Authorized Sales Channel, and misuse of intellectual property.  Please note, selling directly to and is also prohibited. As Golight continues to grow, we are dedicated to building strong customer relationships and cultivating a fair landscape.

If you have questions, need additional information or would like an application to be considered for Internet Market Sales please email

Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Golight, Inc. Brand Protection Team